• The idea behind WARRIOR FIT is pretty simple: Help participants get fit and stay fit. But what sets this exercise program apart and makes it so effective is its dynamic, innovative workouts.


    WARRIOR FIT is a workout that readies the body for virtually any physical activity. It can be adapted for anyone from pro athlete to non-athlete. Most other training programs work on cardiovascular endurance and/or strength training, but WARRIOR FIT develops flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance – the whole package. With regard to cardiovascular endurance, the workouts alternate between short bursts of exertion and rest. According to Dr. Izumi Tabata, a prominent specialist in sports science, this type of interval training (short bursts of exertion) can significantly improve one’s aerobic and anaerobic capacities.

    Its popularity is welcome news, because HIIT has been shown to improve fitness, cardiovascular health, cholesterol profiles and insulin sensitivity, which helps stabilise blood glucose or sugar levels – of particular significance to diabetics. HIIT also reduces fat – both abdominal and the deep, visceral kind that engulfs your inner organs – while maintaining muscle mass or, in less active individuals, increasing it.  - Jamie Millar, Science Focus